Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Why Not Wednesday: Yarn Bombing, I Am So Inspired!

If anything was ever going to make me take an interest in crocheting or knitting, THIS IS IT!

I stumbled upon a few amazing shots of yarn bombing today and immediately, it became a new obsession of mine. What is yarn bombing you may ask? Simply put, knit graffiti! Yes, that is correct, knit graffiti. Beautifully and artfully designed knits, decorating some pretty unusual things including trees, sculptures, street sign and even an entire bus! I can't believe what these crafty men and women have come up with. Take a look for yourself. I've included links for each photo so you can head to the original site to read more.

An amazing Tree Cozy by artist Carol Hummel for the Cleveland Heights Art Competition in 2005.

A truly cozy bus covered by artist Magda Sayeg in Mexico City 

These adorable ducks were released into the open water by artist Alison Friday.

There are some amazing sites and blogs dedicated to "Improving the urban landscape one stitch at a time" as elegantly stated by Leanne and Mandy of  Yarn Bombing. Just use your Google search bar to start exploring the worldwide phenomenon of yarn bombing. I'm just getting started myself, and can't wait to spend some time exploring all of the kitschy and beautiful installations by knitting wonders from around the globe! Who knows, maybe learning to knit is in my future.


Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Woooooo....... Cool! LOL!

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