Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What a Crazy Few Weeks

I was finally feeling on track; adding a few blog post, listing more frequently in the shop and even updating my Flick'r account. Then..... Memorial Day madness. I forgot how much work it is to travel with 2 little ones. Three days packing and almost three days unpacking. However, it was definitely worth the work. We spent a lovely weekend with family in DC and much to my surprise, I may have a water baby on my hands. By day three she walked right out to the pool after breakfast, took of her pajamas and jumped right in. Thank goodness for privacy fences!  Although, now she keeps asking if she can have another "naked party". Hopefully, she won't attempt a repeat performance when we begin frequenting the local pool this summer.

Anyway, it seems that the chaos has finally died down and I can get back to the daily grind, which I love so much. Seriously, I'm not kidding! I wake up every morning, excited to get to work. Now, if there were only 30 hours in a day. I'm afraid the challenges of working from home, with the little ones underfoot, are beginning to get the best of me. Time for a new plan of attack ladies. Any suggestions?

I guess that's enough pointless babble for today! Happy crafting and collecting to you all!

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