Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Days Gone By... Vintage Seersucker Fabrics That Will Make You Swoon!

Vintage printed seersucker fabrics always make me swoon. There is just something incredibly romantic about them. They evoke the warm breezes of summer, conjuring the image of sipping sweet tea on a creaky old porch swing. When I wear a dress made from them, I somehow feel lighter. 

Maybe it's the weightlessness of the fabric and how a soft breeze seems to pass right through it. Maybe it's the bubbly texture that is somehow flattering on any figure. Maybe it's just my propensity for romanticizing "the days gone by."
In any case, I can't think of anything negative about a good vintage seersucker, except that they often require wearing specific undergarments, as the tend to be a bit sheer.

On this cold winter day, with a few inches of fresh snow on the ground, I am definitely yearning for the long warm days of summer. Here are a few beautiful vintage seersuckers that I've been ogling as of late: 

I'll take this whole stack please!!!!!!! Find these and other beautiful vintage fabrics at

Especially this one!

Not quite romantic, but fabulous all the same. There are always some beautiful finds at Revival Fabrics.

Finally one from my own collection In With the Old Vintage on Flick'r.

Suck a sweet nautical print found in one of my favorite shops Thoroughbred Threads.

Until we meet again,


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