Monday, March 29, 2010

Fun Things to Come....

My husband and I bought a beautiful craftsman style home a few years ago. We had collected some wonderful things to decorate our apartment over the years. Unfortunately, many of them just don't match the style of our new home... no matter how hard I try.  I finally decided to sort through our collections in storage and start adding them to my shop. Here is a sneak peek of a few items that will be popping up soon at IWObyCourtneyJane:

I love this chartreuse green Royal Haeger TV lamp and planter. The color is truly reminiscent of the 1950's.

I've always been drawn to old seltzer bottles. This one is a vintage Sparklette made in Czechoslovakia.

I almost can't believe my husband agreed to part with this lamp. It was one of the first mid century finds I brought home. He insisted we keep it! It is absolutely incredible and I'll be sad to see this wonderful mod tulip lamp sell.

Well, the little ones are calling. Off to make them some supper.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Flights of Fancy Friday.....Dreaming of Sandy Beaches and Balmy Weather

This morning I'm longing for sandy beaches, sunny days and balmy weather. What I wouldn't give for a warm weekend getaway. Alas, this little jaunt will have to take place in my mind. Thank goodness I have a good imagination. To help everyone get in the mood, here are some of my favorite vintage travel finds.


Of course you can't head off into the sunset without some fabulous luggage. These vintage valise would be a pleasure to pack. First up, an awesome hand decorated vintage train case from Get Ready, Set, Go . It screams for some hot rollers and Dippity Do, in a modern sort of way, of course. The second, from Cheeky Vintage Closet, really floats my boat! These feather light florals invoke visions of large sunglasses, wide brimmed hats and daiquiris poolside, in a plush palms hotel. And while today's lavish holiday doesn't include my little angels, who could resist sending them to grandma's house without their own posh overnighter. This one, from 1stLove , would definitely get my little girl packing!

Now that I've finished with the  preparations, it time to kick back and relax in my little tropical oasis.

 While I usually don't want to be reminded of  the time once I've arrived at my exotic hideaway by the sea,  I have to say waking up to this vintage gem, from Sugar Lily Vintage, would put a smile on my face.

After an exhausting day of lounging in warm ocean breezes, sipping on mai tai cocktails, I'm definitely ready for a night on the town. This stunning 1930's Kamehameha wedding set, from Fab Gabs Vintage , is just what I'd wear to dance the night away.

As the morning sun rises and the sounds of the oceans waves wake me from my slumber, there is time for one more relaxing walk along the shore. With just enough room for a small blanket,  my morning coffee and a few tasty morsels, this basket from Faded Prairie,  is perfect for an early morning picnic.

What a relaxing trip it was, flittering about the waves and lounging in the intoxicating breezes. With these fabulous finds, I arrived in style, woke with a smile, danced the night away and found some well needed respite from a hectic week.  I hope you are as relaxed as I am now!

I think I may have to take a 15 minute vacation every Friday. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday: Be Inspired by Team EcoEtsy

I just fell in love with the EcoEtsy Team. I didn't know there was a team dedicated specifically to recycling and upcyling. When I started selling antiques, right out of college, my goal was to market them as environmentally friendly furnishings. I've spent the better part of ten years really developing that aspect of my business.

I love the fact that the items I sell have been saved from a dismal life of sitting on warehouse shelves rotting away. It's a wonderful feeling to know my wares are about to become something fabulous, every time I make a sale. I always feel a bit silly when people ask me, "What do you make with all of these wonderful things?" Mainly because I don't sew. But also, because my only answer is "Nothing. All of my time is taken up finding, sorting, measuring and prepping everything so you can make something." It is the truth, but I really wish I had the time to create some fabulous upcycled goodies.

So, I challenge you all! Next time you're about to start a project, be inspired by Team EcoEtsy. Look around and see what you can reuse or salvage. Stretch your imagination and make something beautiful out of what many people would throw out with the trash..

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Breaking My Practice of Tunnel Vision

gold digger lot , originally uploaded by InWiththeOldVintage.
I've developed a keen ability over the years to block out items that aren't in my specific genre of collecting. I've honed my skills so much, that I now have the ability to make it through an entire flea market or antique co-op in under an hour. (This does come in very handy when shopping with two little ones!) Until a few days ago, I never really thought about what I was missing. Now, I don't want to think about all of the treasures I've probably passed up. One of those treasures, most likely, was big lots of vintage buttons.

I've found myself, over the past few weeks, pouring over listings of vintage buttons on Etsy. I know, I know... I shouldn't be browsing when I'm supposed to be working, but you know you're guilty too. To my surprise, I really love vintage buttons. I've been buying buttons for a few years now, but always for a specific customer, and never with any intention of keeping them. A little light has definitely turned on in my head.

So, in response, I've been adding some fun vintage buttons to my shop. I'm enjoying pouring over boxes that have been in storage for years. Now, you can find great sets and small collections of buttons in my shop.

After over ten years of selling antiques, it's exciting to find a new interest. This week, I learned to turn off the tunnel vision. Next time I shop, I'll try to slow down, enjoy the browsing, and look for some new inspiration I may have been missing.


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