Friday, June 18, 2010

Flights of Fancy Friday: From Paris With Love...

Today has been one of those mornings that make you yearn for a quiet place, where all of life's distractions melt away. As I sip my cafe au lait (yes I know it means "coffee with milk", just humor me), the soft hues of a vintage photograph captivate me. It invites me to withdraw into my own little world for a bit of respite in The City of Lights. So, if you'd like to slip away for "une petites vacances", I'd love some company.

Arriving in style at a posh Parisian hotel is the only way to start this voyage. The record of my previous continent hopping is evident on this amazing vintage Louis Vuitton luggage. Tattered labels give an added intrigue to this valise that has wandered the globe with me on many an exotic excursion.

After settling in to my wonderous new abode, I'm ready to wander the Champs-Elysees in my finest vintage ensemble. Decked from head to toe in Parisian couture, I breath in the glorious views of the city, coming to rest in a darling cafe that overlooks the Arc de Triomphe.

Upon finishing my simple supper, I return to my private salon and slip into an exsquisite antique dressing gown . It cascades onto the floor as I slip into a soft chaise by the widow. I watch the sun set on a horizon teeming with stunning silhouettes of architectural genius.

Before I begin the long journey home, and leave behind the peaceful feeling that has overcome me, I pause to document my experiences. Sitting at the extraordinary writing desk that adorns my lavish suite, I open the drawer to discover these wonderful vintage postcards. What correspondence would not be well received when written on these perfect little gems.


As the voices of two little ones draw me back to reality, I thank you for sharing this holiday with me. It was a bit too short, but very sweet. Hopefully we can do it again soon! Au revoir pour maintenant, mes amis.


The Cottage Look said...

Dear Courtney:

Thank you for including my LV Suitcase.

Suzi Ufland

XoXo, Vicki said...

Hi Courtney,

I LOVE the suitcases & suit photo. What a stunning pick!!

Added In with the Old Vintage to my vintage library ;) Thanks for adding me to your favorites!!



Courtney McCabe said...

Yor website and blog are just lovely. The suit is a recent purchase of mine and the suitcases were my very first vintage collection. I bought them in my early 20's.

Courtney McCabe said...

Including your Lv suitcase was absolutely my pleasure! It's a gorgeous piece.

Courtney McCabe said...
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