Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Coffee Break: My Favorite Seaside Finds

I've wanted to get back to my Coffee Break Monday post and finally found a little time. I've never been an overly prepared person, and tend to write spontaneously. (Just in case you hear someone laughing right now, that's just my sister, implying  this is the understatement of a lifetime. Sad thing is, she's absolutely right!) So, unless I find a few spare minutes on a Monday, these posts may not be a regular series until my little ones head off to school. Currently, they are only 9 months old and 2 1/2, so I have a few years to go before that happens. Anyway, with no further ado....

Coffee Break Monday: My Favorite Seaside Finds Hiding Within the Pages of Etsy....

First, this incredible Turkish bath towel by  TurkishBath . Handwoven and 100% linen, this little beauty sends my imagination wandering to a pristine seaside location, where I bask in the glorious sun. For me, nothing says luxury like an amazing linen towel!

Even if you don't live within a short drive of  crashing waves and relaxing oceans breezes, you may just be able to feel the calming energy of them, wearing these gorgeous earrings from Star of the East. I own a beautiful necklace from this mother, daughter duo and can't say enough about how wonderful their jewelry is. Everything in the Sea Urchin Collection is made from crustacean they find right outside their front door.

Finally, if art  is more your muse, this ethereal photograph by Bespoke Modern Photography is sure to infuse your decor with a serene seaside air. It is gorgeous enough to fit into any abode, contemporary or classical, cottage or urban. I don't think there is a photograph in her shop I haven't fallen in love with.

Until next time... keep brewing.

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