Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's Just That Simple

Work has been a bit slow the past few days, as I've been sidetracked with two little pumpkins who have allergies, colds and ear infections. Even with the runny noses, it's been quite nice to just take a few days to concentrate on my babies and cater to their every need. After what seemed to be an eternity, I finally managed to get everyone fed and occupied so I could do some work. My 2 year old, of course, did not agree. As she pulled a bag of "stuff" from the craft cabinet, making a huge mess in the process, I began to scold her. As I did, she ran to the living room squealing with delight. I looked in the bag and found some tissue paper squares, a few appliques, a glue stick and a little spool of ribbon. That huge smile was all about some sad skinny red satin ribbon...she is definitely my daughter!

She jumped up and down, shaking her head yes, repeating "Me? Me?"  I of course obliged, opened the ribbon and watched her as she fiddled and twirled, trying to make her own little art project. We grabbed a handful of buttons and began stringing them onto the ribbon. Within a few minutes she had a pretty little necklace, and surprisingly she played with long enough for me to get 20 minutes of work done.
I wish it was always that simple!

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Mom Walds Place said...

Hmmm, skinny red ribbon? I think I have some of that. I have a cold, and it just might be the thing to cheer me up. Sometimes kids are pretty smart!


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