Saturday, February 6, 2010


 Well I guess they weren't kidding about the monumental amount of snow that is dumping down on us this morning. Thank goodness for my neighbor and his quad  that has a plow attached. Very minimal shoveling is in my future. Our neighbors truly rock!!!!
Anyway, here are some beautiful photographs I found while browsing Etsy  and sipping some coffee laced with Baileys.

There is something familiar and comforting about this wonderful shot. It makes me want to start singing "Sunny days, everything's Aye O.K., on my way to where the air is sweet......."  Amazingly, this shot was taken in N.Y., so I guess anything is possible. It may have to be one of my next purchases.

Don't you wish this was the stunning view from your window. It's so whimsical I just couldn't resist including this gorgeous shot!

Finally, this endearing ACEO, called Mother and Child, warmed up this chilly morning for me.

Well, I guess I should put down the coffee, stop playing on the computer and get back to cleaning up the mess from last night. We had some friends and their children over for dinner to celebrate my hubby's birthday. Happy Birthday honey!!! It's a shame those last few dishes didn't clean themselves. At least they didn't multiply while we were sleeping. Happy Saturday everyone. Enjoy the snow day!


Jennifer Sneed said...

Thanks for featuring my photo of the Mother and Child ACEO! I just saw it!

Pat said...

Lovely photos.
Found you through Link Love and am now following your interesting blog :)


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