Saturday, February 6, 2010

Etsy Treasury..... Friend or Foe?

Of course the treasury is a wonderful tool for showcasing artists and sellers on Etsy. I love that the curator is in absolute control, creating a beautiful collage of items they've painstakingly scoured the website for. I myself have recently started to mark favorite items, as treasury ideas start to form in my little head. And this.... is where the foe part comes in.

I'm afraid I'm becoming a treasury junkie. I've now created two in the last week and already have #3 in cue. Precious time I could have spent adding items to my own shop, has been spent endlessly searching for that elusive item that will make my list complete. I'm really curious, how much time do you treasury lovers spend creating your lists? Hopefully I'm not the only one who is slowly becoming treasury mad...

With all this said...
Here is my latest:   SEARCHING FOR SARAH (literally!)


1 comment:

jessica said...

I have a very similar situation! I've created two lists with one waiting! I have jewelry waiting to be made and here I am searching for things to put in a treasury!


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