Thursday, October 22, 2009

Welcome Baby Max and Happy Birthday Kate!

It has been an incredibly busy few months. My husband and I welcomed a new baby boy into the family and my baby girl turned two. Little Max could not be more precious. He arrived in August and truly has been an angel, even letting mommy get some work done. Now if he could just learn to work the computer, business would start booming.

Kate had a wonderful second birthday. We celebrated at the house with lots of friends and family. Keeping it simple as always, "Ha Ha Ha" (anyone who knows me, is aware of my inability to keep a party simple and easy), Kate had an Elmo cooking party per her request. The kids each got their own chef hat and had the chance to make their own pizza, decorate cupcakes and make edible fishbowls with their very own Dorothy (Elmo's pet goldfish). The cake was a hit and I had a blast making it. It was a chance to experiment with fondant for the first time.
Thanks to everyone who joined us and made her day so special.

I will be posting more regularly now that life is starting to become more manageable.

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