Monday, February 21, 2011

Life is Crazy, but Vintage is Still King!

Where does the time go?

While I love posting new little bits about my life, I once again have let the business of life take control. The holidays, the multiple birthdays, the kids and the flus put quite a dent in my time these last few months. So much has happened, I don't know where to begin. The holidays were fabulous and the little ones are amazing, as always. Sometimes I just can't believe my baby boy is running already and my princess has progressed to chapter books. Wow, they are growing up way to fast! I wish I had more time to just sit back and enjoy them, but business has boomed lately and all the juggling can be a bit tricky.

Step one to finding more time to devote to all my lovely readers, hire some help. I've been searching for months for a talented and efficient photographer. While I enjoy taking my shop photos, I just don't have the equipment or time to do it well anymore. So with that said, I am meeting with a lovely gentleman who may be starting the enormous task of photographing the thousands of items I have squirreled away. Get ready for a boom in inventory listed in my Etsy shop very soon.

I have to admit I am very excited at the possibility of listing items after the tots are in bed at night. That will free up some of my daylight hours, when my thinking is clearest, to post a blurb or two here. I've tried to write a post at the end of the day, but unfortunately by 8:30pm when the house is quiet, my brain is complete mush. Good only for the spattering of emails I need to answer and addressing packages, you know those things they train monkeys to do.

All in all, it has been a wonderful few months! My little ones are back home with me, five days a week, where they belong. The days of my three year old begging to stay home, and not go to day care, are slowly  subsiding. My fabulous inlaws are spending two days a week with my little monkeys, so that dropping off packages at the post office is now quick and easy. I do have to admit, the post office clerks have repeatedly asked when the circus is coming back to town. They especially miss the antics of my 1 year old.

So welcome back to my little world, where life is crazy and vintage is king!

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